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XL Ironworks steel fabrication building

World Class Fabrication Facility

XL Ironworks truck with craneAs a company that is responsive to its customers needs and the marketplace, XL Iron recognizes that it must utilize its infrastructure and technology to address those needs. It has a large plant with multiple buildings that can accommodate large sections of fabricated steel. This enables XL Iron to fabricate for projects that demand large amounts of tonnage, or create structures of a size that encompass large spans. This efficiency in internal materials handling reduces costs which can be passed on to the customer.

XL Iron is located on a 5 acre site with over 100,000 sq. ft. under crane. Raw steel and manufactured members are handled efficiently through the use of numerous gantry cranes, overhead cranes, combilift forklifts and jib cranes. Completed structures are shipped to job sites through a combination of commercial haulers and XL Iron fleet trucks.

Precision Machinery

With its experience in erection, XL Iron understands the importance of precision steel once it reaches the jobsite. Proper lengths and heights, with plates and holes created to exact specifications, result in steel erection flows that have minimal interruptions. Speed is of the essence on the jobsite and our precision steel keeps that time to a minimum. Bottomline results are lower erection costs, shorter crane rental times, fewer delays and better coordination with other trades on the jobsite.


XL Ironworks drafting & engineering capabilityState of the Art Computer Drafting

The drafting team has seven work stations using Tekla X-Steel computer drafting. From the engineered design drawings supplied by project engineers and architects, the XL Drafting Team create connection design drawings, and working drawings for onsite erections. The electronic files created are then fed into CNC controlled cutters for speed and accuracy in fabrication.

XL utilizes a wide variety of modern machines in the manufacturing process. The shop is approved by the Canadian Welding Bureau and is a fully unionized operation.


Equipment Examples

Some of the equipment used is listed below, but this list is changing constantly. In its drive to provide the best possible product, XL Iron invests heavily in new equipment with the advantage that it can fabricate the steel with the greatest precision, in the shortest possible time.

The Peddinghaus BDL-1250 CNC drill line (seen right) is designed to handle the largest and toughest of applications.

CNC controlled plasma cutting table

CNC Controlled 40 ft plasma burning table - this under water plasma cutter prevents warping of the steel and control distortion. It is CNC controlled for speed and accuracy.

Peddimat detail machine for plates

Peddimat FPB-500/3 Detail Machine - which automatically punches, contours and cuts to length components from material up to 1.25 inches thick. The capabilities of the FPB-500/3 have been proven to be an extremely productive system for the typical production of plate detail by the structural steel fabrication industry.

Ogden Automatic Submerged Arc Welder - with twin sub arcs for welding wide flange beams and girders.

Ogden Automatic Submerged Arc Welder - with twin sub arcs for welding wide flange beams and girders. This unit is semi-automatic.

This equipment compliments numerous other machines such as radial arm drills, welding machines, hydraulic punching machines, band saws, ironworkers, and cambering machines for a complete fabrication facility allowing for projects from 100 to 3,000 tons.


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